Construction Update/Minority Bidders Bulletin: What is Good Faith Effort?


There are certain immutable requirements to making “Good Faith Efforts”. Though they may be similar in most aspects, there are some differences between the requirements for Federally funded Projects and State funded Projects.

For: FEDERALLY Funded Projects
  1. Advertise for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) participation in newspapers, trade papers, and minority focus papers and provide the names of said papers and the date(s) on which the advertisement(s) ran.
  2. List the names (of certified DBE’s) and dates when notices were sent to certified DBE’s soliciting bids for the project. List dates and methods used for following up initial solicitations to determine with certainty whether the DBE’s were interested.
  3. Show the items of work which you made available to DBE firms, and the information furnished to DBE’s such as plans, specifications, and requirements for the work.
  4. Give the names(s) of DBE(s) who submitted bids which were not accepted, a summary of the bidder’s discussions and/or negotiations with them, the name of the firm selected for that portion of the work and the reasons for the bidders choice of firm(s).
  5. List efforts made to assist DBE’s in obtaining bonding, lines of credit or insurance, and any technical assistance related to the plans, specifications, and requirements for the work which was provided to the DBE’s.
  6. Provide any additional data to support a demonstration of good faith effort, such as contacts with DBE assistance agencies.


For: STATE Funded Projects
  1. Contact the awarding department to identify DVBEs.
  2. Contact other state and federal agencies, and local DVBE organizations to identify DVBEs.
  3. Publish advertisements in trade papers and papers focusing on DVBEs, 14 calendar days prior to bid date.
  4. Invite potential DVBE contractors to bid.
  5. Consider interested DVBE’s



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