Construction Update/Minority Bidders Bulletin: What We Do

Easier than Ever!!

As your advertiser we will:

• Create Your Ad Artwork
Send us the copy and we will create the artwork for your ad - the way you want it!

• Place Ads in Both our Trade & Focus Publications
Our publications concentrate on the people you want to reach. Each is mailed
directly to those certified by the State of California, Department of General
Services and other state agencies. Because we have both a Trade and a
Focus Publication your advertising dollars are targeted to people in the
Construction/Commodity Market. We are State Approved.
• Place Your Ad On The Web
Your Ad will have world-wide access via the internet.
• Send an Affidavit of Publication
After placing an ad, a formal affidavit of publication will be sent to you at no additional cost.
• Invoice You After the Ad Has Been Published
We place the ad as soon as we receive the copy. Your bill comes later.
• Offer Competitive Prices and Discounts
Total Cost For This Service: $48.00 for 2 insertions
1 — Minority Bidders Bulletin (focus)
1 — Construction Up-Date (trade)

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